Tuesday 12 April 2011


Going through the Business Standard came across this interesting piece of information......
...The Indian salt industry is embarking on a modernisation exercise to increase salt yield and improve quality. 
Salt making in India has remained  a labour -intensive industry,with nearly 95 percent of salt producers being in the unorganised sector ,accounting for  about 40% of India's total salt output.Only 5% are organised players ,and produce the remaining 60%
Salt production is vulnerable to climatic uncertainties .Excess rain causes dilution of salt  panes ,leading to delays in harvests Also ,the manual nature of industry affects product quality.
In order to address these issues I.S.M.A (The Indian Salt Manufacturers ' Association proposes to establish model salt farms in all major salt growing states like Tamil Nadu,Andhra Pradesh ,Gujrat and  Karnataka .
These Model Farms will have different salt making techniques,harvesting methods and washery mechanisms for demonstration  purposes.
Rajasthan has a potential to explore subsoil brine which has a high sodium sulphate  content .But it gets crystallised along with salt which makes it unsuitable for both edible purposes as well as the  alkali industry .Hence there is a need to develop  an economically viable technique to produce high grade sub soil salt for retail and industrial consumers .
Also to explore subterranean sources of saline water to increase productivity per acre.
It also suggested that salt testing laboratories be modernised  and  their services be provided to the industry for a fee. 

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