Friday 22 April 2011


Brilliant and articulate Dr. Siddharth Mukherjee has won the Pulitzer for his non-fiction book on the biography of cancer.
Sharing the joyous news with his parents,he explained to his mother in Delhi on the phone at, 1a.m in the morning that Pulitzer  was like
the Nobel prize of literature!!!
Author William Dalrylmple ,who had met Siddharth at the Jaipur Lit Fest in January ,  had remarked that the book was fantastic! and Indian non –fiction had arrived !!

Sibeshwar and Chandana Mukherjee the proud  parents here in Delhi are in the midst of the media attention triggered by their son’s book…The Emperor of All Maladies :A Biography of Cancer.
They are equally proud of their Chinese –American daughter -in-law Sara Sze who is a McArthur winning artist .He has two daughters aged five and one. He is an alumnus of St.Columbus School New Delhi,Stanford University and Harvard Medical School.He is also a
classical singer and an artist.
Dr. Mukherjee joins a growing band of Indian-origin physicians who seem have a way with words
Among them,Abraham Verghese ,who began his writing career in the late 1980’s with My Own Country:A Doctor’s Story . which centred on AIDS in the US,
Atul Gawande,author of The Checklist Manifesto and ofcourse Deepak Chopra ,the new age spiritual guru.
Indeed! we all are proud of you Sid!

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