Monday 18 April 2011


 Learn the abbreviation of the elements for the 5 fingers!
F)   FIRE denoted by the ball of the THUMB
A)  AIR denoted  by the ball of the INDEX FINGER.
S)   SKY denoted by the ball of the MIDDLE FINGER.
E)   EARTH  denoted by the ball of the RING FINGER.
W)  WATER  denoted by the ball of the LITTLE FINGER.

When a finger comes in contact with the THUMB an electromagnetic effect is created.
In Yoga, Mudras are used in conjucation with Pranayama(yogic breathing exercise)generally
While sitting in the Padam asana .
One must sit in the lotus position and focus on the healing.
The mudras have to be performed with both hands at the same time .
Start with 10 minutes at a time and increase upto 3/4th of an hour for best results.
Fingers should remain comfortable during the procedure and should not be held stiffly or tight.
 Gyan Mudra e.g. is the joining of the thumb and index finger,while other fingers remain upright.
Advantages of the  the gyan mudra are…..
Mental peace,Concentration , sharp memory
Gyan mudra  allays...
Depression, mental disorders,stress,drowsiness….
Apan Vayu Mudra e.g.normalises blood pressure,strengthens the Heart.
Go on the Google search and find out amazing facts about this science!
If you want to get wonderful results  mudras should be learnt under instructions of
Yog Mudra experts or manuels (books)
This is what I call  health in your  HANDS!!

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