Tuesday 29 March 2011


The people are geared up to watch the World Cup Semi Final between India and Pakistan .
It is more than a final World Cup for both the cricket crazy Nations!
The journalists are being hounded by  their friends ,relatives and  in turn their friends and relatives to seek a ticket for the event.
Board meetings are being arranged in Chandigarh and around  so that the corporate executives are there to watch the mother of all cricket battles-India Vs Pakistan
The offices have granted half day off to their employees to watch the match if not at the swanky stadium in Mohali then at least on the giant L.C.D. T.V’S.
Both the countries top leaders are showing keen interest in the match .So much so that the Pakistani top office has warned their players against match fixing!
Eateries of different levels have equipped themselves with large screens ,and have turned into small stadia of cheering and jeering crowds!
The media has hyped the event  and hiked their advertisement rates of the ads to be shown during the match.Because along with the ball to ball catching the eyeballs of the viewers will be the who’s who of both the countries!
India is almost sure of a win because the match is on home ground ,also is looking forward to Sachin’s  century !
I for one don’t understand such a mania. Sachin’s 100th century is what I shall look for  ,other than that as always with me is –‘let the best team win’!
Love for the match goes beyond all boundaries ,caste, creed etc….truly cricket match the leveler!

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