Tuesday 22 March 2011

My greetings to Bihar on it's 99th Birthday!

"Bihar's birthday bash begins today "...caption on page 17 of The Times Of India caught my eye . 
On this day today  1912 Bihar along with Orissa was separated from Bengal. 
It is a state seeped in history and culture.It is sometimes referred to as the Ruhr of India as it is  richly endowed with natural resources. 
It is the second Bihar Utsav setting the stage for the centenary celebrations of the state . 
The celebrations will be spread over several cities in India and abroad .
In Delhi the festival begins today at the constitution club .Everything quintessentially Bihari will be showcased ..it's folk art ,folk songs, it's culture,plays, folk dances,folk artists will perform in cultural programmes held at different venues.
At the Constitution Club there will be an exhibition and sale of Bihari textiles and handicrafts-Bhagalpuri silk,Mithila(Madhubani)Paintings Bhabhua stone products ,jute products,jewellery .Craftsmen have been invited to the fair to demonstrate their skill before the visitors. 
Authentic Bihari cuisine will be there litti-chokha,puri sabzi, anarsha(a sweet made with thickened milk i.e. khoya with flour and sesame seeds)jalebi to name a few !

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