Saturday 19 March 2011

Supermoon! Perigee moon!

Supermoon over Toronto in Canada. Mar 19, 2011
 The hype about super moon and the destruction that it was sure to trigger in it's wake had most of us dreading Saturday morning of today !
What a relief nothing untoward earthquakes or tsunamis etc... 11-3-11 is too fresh in our minds !worse than any horrific disaster movie that one has ever  seen and therefore the fright rife in every conversation!                                                                                                                                      
On google I found out that there are 4 super moons annually.It is full or new moon that coincindes with a close approach by the moon to the earth.
It comes down to the moon's oval orbit.At one end of the orbit -the perigee -the moon is 31,000 closer to the earth  than it's farthest point the apogee.
Today's perigee will bring the moon 221,566 miles away .Today the full moon will occur less than one hour away from pedigree -a near perfect coincidence that happens only 18 years or so.
According to NASA- perigee moons are about 14%larger 30% brighter than the apogee moon.

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