Saturday 12 March 2011

Sharing a Poem by Sukhamrit on Diwali (2010)

I fell ill on Diwali
I can’t tell you anything  to delight!
The Festival of light
Lights our eyes
And blackens our lungs!
 I huffed and I puffed
I wheezed and heaved
Could hardly breathe!
However with baited breadth
I await  a festival I dread!
I cough I sputter
Need the nebuliser
My intense desire to burst crackers
Beckons me !
 Under the watchful  eyes of my anxious folks
Amidsts the smog
With smarting eyes
I am hemmed in by the beauty of
Smoked candles ,diyas,sparklers ,
Psychedaellic lights on the buildings around ..
I set out to partake in the celebrations
Of dhoom dharak with my waiting friends!
The growing populace
Contributing to the din
Akin to a battlefield !
Festival to brighten the world I wonder?
Sure is a festival of pollution ….ponder
My friend ponder!!!!!

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