Sunday 27 March 2011


May God Bless you!
Grant you a Happy Long Life
Bless you with slices of everything
That’s especially nice!

Here’s a poem for you ….
                                BROTHER  O BOTHER!!!!
    The guy I grew up with
  Have such difference of opinion…
  Hate him to the depths of the sea
  Love him beyond the ozone layers
  That’s my brother!

  Drives me crazy with his needling me needlessly
  I get needled and react to the quick..
 When he’s around
All I feel like doing is literally chewing him
(Kaccha chabba ke…Grrrrrr….)
And when he is out of sight
I long for him!
That’s my brother!!

He’s the anchor of the family
Throws his weight around
O Boy!  he’s light but heavy
Weighs everyone down with his logic!
That my brother!!!

He is a bullheaded Taurean
Steady but stubborn
Sensitive with a capital S
Touche’ that’s my brother!!!!

He is tennacious,workaholic,
Refuses to suffer fools
Is always there with a helping hand
Infuses confidence in the weak!
The thought of a plane trip gives me the jitters
But of’course …
I  can go to  the moon with him twittering!
That’s my brother!!!!!

Aah! He could easily outdo Ben Johnson
With Mummy coming out second
If the matter was concerning a shot
Suddenly he’d be transformed into a superman
A phantom disrupting the nurses and doctor out of their wits!
Playing catch me if you can!
That’s my brother!!!!!

His beautiful smile hides a row of crooked sparkling teeth!
Purses his lips so that none are on exhibition
His beard hides a dimple on his chin
Mama’s pet that’s my brother!!!!!!!

Baba this ,Baba that and what not!
But when with him
He snorts,rubs his hooves on the ground 
And is ready for a bullfight!
That’s my brother

Mona he adores
Can’t bear to see her in any trouble or pain!
Messiah like ,taking her under his wing
Hiding her from the evil eye of the Doctor
The whole household looking for  her
No he will not let the doctor harm her
With his menacing instruments and pungent tablets!
That’s my brother!!!!!!

He’s got thunder like anger !
God help someone crossing his path
The booming voice of Dad
Asking him as an infant to be quiet
Had him crawling out and hiding
In absolute glowering silence!
It took a lot of cajoling and bear hugs
In dad’s arms to iron out his little frown!
Even today when he is cross
His bloodshot eyes speak it all !
Forgiveness is out of the question
For quite some time!
No one can help him
God save their skin
He cools on his own when the heat inside him subsides!
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!

Exercise is not his cup of tea!
Games he  doesn’t care for!
One Hazaribagh ball on his nose
And cricket was dropped!
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nagging puts him off ..
If much of it is administered
He does the oposite of what has been asked of him
Teaches people a lesson and in the process
Sometimes harms himself
Does it matter?
Beware no patronising!
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!

With his music
And musical instrments…
The guitar,harmonium,tabla ,bongo,drums,flute, piano…
Gazals ,geet,nazams,shabads,songs….
Fills the hearts of all
with his mellifluous musical voice
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!

He exaggerates to prove his point
And drive it home!
Mimicry his forte’
Uncontrollable laughter erupts!
And keeps us in stitches!
With his lively commentry
He turns a tear jerking ,moving ,movie story
Into a most hillarious comedy!
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!!!!

Heart rules him quite a bit!
When a rabbit was slain to be eaten
He lead the whole gang of cousins on a hunger strike!
When our pet rabbit Tony died
He wanted to stuff
and keep him for posteriety sweating away on his bike
a  good many hills in the hilly terrain!
He tried …
To get him back
The skinner never gave it to him!
That’s my brother!

He can figure out many a circuit
Jigsaw puzzle,mathematical problem Rubik’s Cube!
He just can’t figure out a Ms Right!
He has a ruchi in the institution of marriage..
Yet …..
Goes crazy thinking of  possible innumerable qualities…
Fair,beautiful,tall or loving,caring,highly talented,
Street smart,or sweet and down to earth who’d merge his family
As more than her own!
The fear of sharing his life with an unknown
 partner tantalises him …
To do or not to do that’s the question
That he is unable to figure out
Hope and pray ruchi will sort it out!
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!!!!

A  great guy whose company
Young and the old ,gals and pals seek
He is gregarious!
Obliging them all
With his charming learned smart self!
There’s no other brother like him in this wide world
Purusho mein uttam
That’s my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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